A young family, who strives to live a simple life and share our experiences.


We are an everyday young couple, with 3 little ones (5yrs. 3yr. Born in Feb. 2016) they are the center of our world. As parents in a world full of dysfunction we are on a mission to raise our children chemical free and to have a grander life through simplicity. So stay tuned to watch our beautiful life unfold.



Since 2011, our lives have been full of experiences and changes. We have made progress in places never imaginable. We want to share what has worked for us with YOU. 



Is to learn and share natural ways of living and being prepared in life. We want to live life in a true state of happiness and share our journey. To live and raise our children knowing a higher power guided life and truly living to our highest potential. We are going back to the basics of family, love, and equality. 



As our journey unfolds, our knowledge will grow, and sharing will be the only thing we know.


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of living out the truth.

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