New Skin, Same Soul

As we are half way through the first month of this new year, whoa! It doesn't seem possible to be 15 days into 2015. New years seem to come so quickly and pass by in a blink of an eye. I believe its good to look back briefly where you have came from and how your life has evolved. How has your journey been? Is it what you expected? Is it what you wanted? Do you feel you are fulfilling your life mission? A few questions to ask yourself. 

But don't spend to much time looking back life is about moving forward so make new goals, work toward them, achieve them, and then CELEBRATE!

Personally, I and Cory have both discussed and we are happy with the way our lives are growing. Last year was a very busy year for us, we made large lifestyle changes, we have started our own business, and are living more true and natural lives.

Energy is high in 2015

Make sure you set your goals high this year and let 2015 be your most abundant year yet.       

Our family resolutions for 2015 are: 

  1. To keep strong faith.
  2. To grow our relationship with our Creator.
  3. To stay positive.
  4. To keep it simple.
  5. Be supportive of each other.
  6. Continue knowledge.
  7. Have gratitude.
  8. Be adventurous.
  9. Show love and equality to everything.
  10. Live naturally.
  11. Take risks.
  12. Be original.
  13. Hug a lot.
  14. Laugh instead of yelling.
  15. Share all our experiences with others to help live more abundant lives.

Our number 1 goal is from here on out we don't look back and wish this or that. We are not going to live wishing. We are going to do.

This is going to be an amazing year and I am so pleased to be able to share our journey. Please share your goals for this 2015. 

My soul has had a mission since I was born. Now I'm listening. Now I'm living.