Authenticity & Truth

Can being authentic be a challenge? YES! Very much so, it's truly what I believe to be our toughest mission here on Earth. As you grow you have lots of experiences good and bad, you have people tell you this or that is true or false, and you have been told what is right and what is wrong. Do you ever do the 'right' thing and it feel 'wrong'? Or do 'wrong' think but yet it feels so 'right'? 

Life is loud. We get so busy living in the noise of life, that it becomes the norm. Do you hear the birds beautiful chirp or is it an annoying sound out your bedroom window? Life is busy. We always have a plan for 2 mins ago, right now, and 20 years from now we have our lives planned out right? But most the time we don't fulfill those plans and we feel as though we have accomplished nothing. We are always trying to catch up! That Sun that came up today for you and I is it blaring in your darn eyes? Or is it shining so gracefully that when you see it you are filled with joy and hope? 

Looking at the same object and seeing 2 completely different things is my best way to explain living life authentically or just being here. Is life going to be a constant struggle or is it going to be a life full of abundance? The choice is yours.

The first step is to learn how to be quiet. It is as simple as that but I tell you what its HARD at first. It took me close to a month to find true silence. Now I can get there easy and its the most beautiful sound or the lack of.

For me I would lay in bed and reflect on my day then as I got closer to the end of the day I would then ask myself if there was any lessons I was supposed to hear today? I would hear the fan, I would hear Cory breathing, and I would hear the kids wiggle. One by one I would mentally shut them off as I continued to ask what lesson I was to have gained from today. Doing this night after night the thoughts of laundry and dishes were much easier dismissed I let them come and go just as if watching the clouds pass.

Then finally, I heard complete silence. It was so surreal there was no busy, no loud, all was calm, warm and over all I felt more love surround me than I had ever felt. I felt safe. And the number one thing I didn't hear was ME. For the first time I can remember I wasn't trying to convince, persuade, or plan. I just was. In that moment my life changed I knew for certain I was not my soul. My soul was so much more sacred and true than that voice in my head everyday. 

What I have found is that reality is a lie. I was lying to myself everyday! Starting that next day I started to notice false thoughts I was having and would change it to a TRUTHFUL thought. Through truth my life life has bloomed and continues to everyday. My life is fully supported by truth and it is so freeing.

So for today I encourage you to be quiet. Listen within your true self. Begin a journey to find the difference between your mind and your soul. Over all find TRUTH.