Knowing your mission.. Then?

After searching and listening and discovering.  You finally know what you have come to this Earth to accomplish, it's exhilarating!  But how do you get there? How do you get to that 'dream' life?

When every part of you says just do it, but then the voice in your head says 'WHOA you have a mortgage, you have bills, and your kids need to eat.' Does that mortgage make me feel stuck? Yes. Am I grateful to have a home? Yes, but do I feel it controls so much of our lives. We have to pay for the electricity we use, the water we use and we have to buy things to fill every room to make it feel like a 'home'. Right? I'm tired of being held back and living the cookie cutter life. I'm ready to fulfill my mission and to be ME. So I step back, and I look, I remember that I have all these things in my life to show me what I DO want.  These are all the things I don't want and for that I give thanks for guiding me to what I do. 

I do still live in normal society and I have to do the 'right' thing and follow the correct processes of getting things accomplished. I struggle with following rules and power. I am having to be aware of following guidelines and then I get the results I am looking for. So I'm putting that into work in my life. I am writing down my goals and the steps I have to take to get there and its working! I have a plan and everyday I can cross something new off my list and I see my goals becoming more of a reality every day.

So for today, I will continue to look at the things happening in my life that I don't necessarily  like and use them as my road map to the things that I am meant for. I encourage you to do the same. Don't allow those negative things to have any negative power give them a big Thank You and do the thing that is meant for your journey. Have a very blessed day and remember you are only having a human experience follow your intuition and work toward that mission you were sent to accomplish. 

Best Emma