Super Supper's Week 3 Menu

Here we are at week 3 of Super Supper's!!!! EEK how blessed have we all been! Dinner time has been transformed! 

Class time is still in the works of working with a rhythm so this week Upgrade #2 is the only option.. 

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*All shopping done for you.

*Meals all prepped.

*All you do is show up at scheduled time with your cooler and take your food home!!

But class will resume Saturday October 1, 2016 at 6pm at Fruit of Light!

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Or Upgrade #1 have shopping done for you show up at class prep your food and have a blast!

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Upgrade #2
Cannot make it to class? No worries we will shop and prep for you! Pick up at scheduled time.

**Click here for option #2

So excited!! Come join us!!

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